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The Lifted Veil
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Nights and Daze Revisited
Nights and Daze Revisited
Nights and Daze in Hollywood - Richard Henry Lee

This is a novel I remember being in my parents's bookcase when I was young.  It intrigued me because so many of the words were misspelled, but I remember that after starting to read it I stopped reading very quickly, because it seemed embarrassingly racy and wildly sophisticated.  I found a copy online and bought it after the heroine's name popped into my head for no reason a few weeks ago: Fanma Browo.  That turns out to be her stage name, though.  Her real original name is Fanny Dopass.  Like, how racy and sophisticated can you get?  I suspect I'll have more to say when I've finished it, if I don't die of embarrassment first.