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So Many, Many Moments--and Not Enough Definition

Creation and Transformation: Defining Moments in Inuit Art - Darlene  Coward Wight

The main text of this history of inuit art follows developments decade by decade and community by community--a process of list-making that seems to be accurate but is rarely all that interesting.  i'd been hoping for more about what it is that distinguishes this art generally and what is interesting about various individual pieces.  And I'd like to know more than the little provided here about how Inuit art relates to developments elsewhere, and how trends elsewhere were the context for its successful reception over the decades.  Still, there are excellent photographs of a lot of fascinating pieces here, so it's a book well worth looking at.  I just wish it had more to say about what the work is and what it does.


The book, by the way accompanies the 2013 show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery of pieces from its vast collection of inuit art, also called Creation and Transformation.  Looking at that show, I had a particularly strong response to a serigraph by Stanley Elongnak Klengenberg called Cold and Hungry.