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Chopsticks - Jessica Anthony, Rodrigo Corral

I actually have not read this on paper--what I looked at was the book app, which includes moveable photos, music playlists, videos of performances by Liberace and others, and so on.  It ends up offering a very choppy story experience--after listening to eight or nine tracks of music, it's hard to remember which of the characters was inviting you to check the tracks out or to think about why they might have any relevance to the events of the plot.  The story seems to be about a romance between a piano prodigy with a demanding father and mental health problems and the nice artistic boy who moves in next door.  But there's enough confusion in visual details and such that it's possible to entertain the idea that actually there is just one character here--either the girl imagining the boy or the boy imagining the girl, or someone utterly unknown imagining the both of them.  See a commentary about these possibilities here: